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What Stroller Accessories Do I Really Need For Winter?

We predict the question on your lips will be: which stroller accessories are worth the money?

Well, you’re going to go pretty much everywhere with your stroller. You need to make sure it’s decked out to suit your needs, and baby’s, of course. Whether you’ve picked out your pushchair or are still weighing up your options, at this time of year you need to think about how to winter-proof your ride. That means picking up some stroller accessories to keep your baby safe and cosy through the colder months.

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What stroller accessories do I need?

A footmuff, newborn inlay, rain cover and changing bag that fit on your pram are essential stroller accessories. Other extras that come in handy are a buggy board, smartphone holder and stroller organiser. Accessories are most useful during the winter months, with a decent rain cover and footmuff being indispensable for keeping your little one warm and dry. 

Newborn Inlay

We know that newborns and infants are less able to regulate their own body temperature, so it’s important we help them to do so.

The Bugaboo newborn inlay was designed to be used from birth until up around 6 months and will keep your baby cosy and warm all year round during your strolls. Featuring an inner strap to keep your newborn securely in place, this is a must-have accessory to complete your Bugaboo pushchair from day one, and is especially useful during those colder months.

Designed exclusively to use in Bugaboo pushchairs in the newborn carrycot configuration and compatible with every Bugaboo stroller except the Ant.

Newborn Inlay


A footmuff is a great option for when it gets really chilly. We recommend investing in one that will strap securely to your stroller, so there’s no risk of it slipping off into muddy puddles or snow.

You can get a standard one, something to keep baby cosy and, if need be, you can layer it up with blankets too.

Bugaboo has a water-repellant footmuff option that will keep your little one dry and also help to regulate their temperature.

My Baba’s founder Leo Bamford is a huge fan of Bugaboo. “When I came home from hospital after the birth of my son, my husband had secretly put together our first ever Bugaboo. It came complete with a Paul Frank Limited Edition Monkey footmuff. It was so adorable and perfect for the arctic weather that year. We used it again the following winter when my daughter arrived. If I had my time again, I’d totally go for the soft pink with special bamboo fabric.”

If you know you’re in for a cold winter, opt for a thicker footmuff. Bugaboo has a good high-performance option that has a snug, down-filled insert and cover (both detachable — obviously with the British weather in mind!).

Water-Repellant Footmuff

High-Performance Footmuff

Seat liners

There will be warmer days when a footmuff might seem a little overkill. That’s when other stroller accessories such as a wool mattress cover for your bassinet or seat liner for your stroller is a really sensible idea.

Wool is a naturally soft and washable material that’s great at keeping your baby warm in winter, and cool in summer. “We’ve used the wool seat liner on our Bugaboo since day one. It’s an accessory that I use all year round, so it’s well worth the investment.” adds Leo.

Merino Wool Mattress Cover

Natural Woolmark Seat Liner

Rain cover

The joys of a sudden downpour! You’re going to get caught in it at least once. Save on the stress of getting soaked by investing in a rain cover. There are some inexpensive options out there but it’s always worth buying one that’s suited to your pushchair i.e. can be quickly put on in a hurry, and folds down for easy storage.

Be prepared for the predicted cold winter this year with a Bugaboo High Performance Rain Cover. It’s strong and compact, and comes with a zip for easy access to your child. You’ll no longer have to remove the whole rain cover just to ask them a simple question.

“I’m hopeless when it comes to things like this but I used to live in London where a rain cover is a MUST,” says Leo. “I love that the High Performance option folds down into a compact pocket. Our rain cover was used more times than not during wintertime. They always look so snuggly underneath and I love that there’s plenty of window so you can see in.”

Pro tip: just add one to your basket when you’re buying your pushchair, most places will recommend them as standard at the checkout.

Bugaboo Fox/Cameleon 3 High Performance Rain Cover

Bugaboo Bee Five High Performance Rain Cover

Changing bag

The key thing to consider when buying a changing bag is whether it’s going to fit on your buggy. The last thing you want is to be heaving it over your shoulder while you’re pushing your pram — especially when there are bags out there that will attach to your handlebar.

What else should you look out for when choosing a baby change bag? Our checklist includes: plenty of pockets (and one for dirty nappies!), a wipe-clean lining and, to make life a lot easier, one that comes with a changing mat.

Bugaboo changing bags come with all of these practical bits and bobs. Whether you’re after the standard nappy bag or their Mammoth Changing Bag, they’re all pretty stylish choices.

Changing Bag

Mammoth Bag

An organiser

Baby’s stuff is all packed up, but what about yours? That’s where an organiser will come in handy. It’s good if you want to keep your phone, makeup and money separate from your baby’s changing stuff.

The Bugaboo organiser velcros onto your handlebar, which is good for keeping your valuables close to you: “I’m a major organisation freak so anything that helps keep things neat, tidy and in order has my mark,” says Leo. “The Bugaboo is an easy grab-and-go piece. I love the subtle colours options.” This organiser also turns into a nifty tote handbag, so no need to worry if you’re leaving your stroller somewhere while you get a coffee.

Bugaboo organiser

Smartphone holder

We know busy mamas like to keep their mobile phones handy. With Bugaboo’s nifty smartphone holder, you simply attach it to your pushchair’s handlebars, and rotate your phone to view your screen in any position you like.

A smartphone holder is perfect for calls and texts on the go, as well access to your Sat Nav if you’re off exploring somewhere new with your baby.

Smartphone Holder

Buggy board

Winter weather is tiring for toddlers, so a buggy board is a great investment. Good news – Bugaboo’s Comfort Wheeled Board is super-easy to attach, which is a big tick in the box.

When not in use, Bugaboo’s buggy board can be positioned upright and out of the way or completely detached, until the next trip to the shops.

Leo’s buggy board came in handy for her first two children born close together: “It’s an absolute life saver on your arms as they would much rather ride on than be carried!”

It’s always that last little journey that’s too much for little legs to bear. Believe us, you’ll find the buggy board a great compromise for when your little angel refuses to get back in the buggy.

Comfort Wheeled Board

Cup holders

Cup holders are a must if you’re a busy mum on the go. They’re also great for family winter outings. Think village firework nights or a trip to your local Christmas market. A cup holder will come in handy for holding your hot chocolate or gluhwein while you chase the kids around.

It’s not just a winter accessory of course; we think a cup holder is useful all-year-round. “It can of course be used for your child too”, says Leo. “I never used it for hot drinks but I always had my water bottle in it for me or my baba.

Cup Holder


No buggy is complete without a blanket to keep your little one warm. During winter months it’s great for popping on beneath the footmuff.

While keeping them comfy is important, choosing a material that’s soft and breathable is essential too. The Bugaboo Soft Wool Blanket is made from luxurious Merino wool, which controls moisture on warmer days and cleverly insulates in colder weather.

“I’m a complete sucker when it comes to Merino,” says Leo. “It’s so soft and breathable. This blanket can also be popped in the washer and dryer.”

Soft Wool Blanket

Does my Bugaboo stroller come with a rain cover?

In short, yes. All Bugaboo strollers are sold with rain covers as standard, with the only exception being the Bugaboo Ant.


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