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10 Mistakes You Might Be Making With Your Stroller (One Of Them Could Be Fatal)

We all make mistakes and forget things from time-to-time. When it comes to a newborn you’ve got enough to think about, right? Here’s a refresher of what you should definitely NOT be doing with your stroller.

DON’T forget to strap your baby in

It’s pretty common to see children moving around the pram, standing up and getting out. This can be very dangerous and they should be strapped in at ALL times. Falling from the stroller can be harmful regardless of the height from the floor and frequently ends up with a trip to A&E.

What’s more, if they’re only partially strapped in and half-fall out, this can lead to strangulation or getting their head trapped in the leg holes or with the hand rest.

DON’T leave your stroller out in the sunshine

It’s risky leaving your stroller out in the sun for prolonged periods because the temperature of the carriage and chassis gradually heat up. Always ensure your pram is in a shaded area and keep a check of the temperature when baby is in it or before placing them in it.

DON’T EVER cover your stroller with a blanket or muslin

Covering your stroller with a blanket, no matter how light, is one most dangerous things you can do. Parents often to do this in summer to keep their baby cool, but in fact it does the opposite. On a hot day, covering the stroller can increase the temperature from 22 C to a sweltering 37 C within a hour.

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DON’T keep hot drinks in the cup holder

Many strollers provide shallow cup holders near the handle. While placing cold liquids in there is harmless, any cup that is slightly too large for the holder risks getting split and could be very dangerous if it’s hot!

DON’T hang heavy bags on the handle

When you’re out shopping try to balance bags and push a pram, hanging bags over the handles can be a quick fix. Some strollers, if too much weight is placed on the handle, run the risk of tipping up. Be very careful and always make use of the parcel tray below the chassis for any baggage.

DON’T place anything on the hood of the stroller

In another bid to ease your shopping with a stroller experience (or if you’re in a rush!), you may be tempted to place things on the hood of the pram. Items run the risk of falling into the pram and suffocating your child if not attended to.

DON’T fold up the stroller with baby nearby

Sounds like an obvious one, but trapped fingers are a thing. One famous stroller brand once had to recall one million products after 12 fingertip amputations were reported in the US. After this, more and more strollers kept being recalled from other brands due to finger amputations.

Ensure your baby is always a safe distance from the stroller while you’re folding it up. Also make sure it’s fully assembled and locked together before placing them in it.

DON’T jog with your stroller too soon

Some strollers are built for jogging, so if you’re keen on exercising with your stroller, ensure you have the stroller that is built for it.

Most jogging strollers will not recommend you jogging with your baby until they’re at least six months (some even suggest eight months). Your baby needs to have developed a strong enough core and neck muscles to handle the bumps.

DON’T throw away the warranty 

It can easily get mixed up and thrown away with promotional leaflets, but it’s super important to keep hold of. If there’s a recall or manufacturers need to contact you, it’ll be necessary to have it to hand. Always check that the product you’re purchasing hasn’t been recalled already, especially if you’ve received it as a gift.

DON’T buy a stroller that doesn’t suit your lifestyle 

With so many prams and pushchairs on the market, picking the right one for you can be a tough call. It’s an important decision and often a big investment, so make sure you get something to suit your style and daily life. There are great options for city dwellers and practical choices for country roads.

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