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Keeping Safe In Hot Weather: Top 5 Tips For Summer Babywearing

The weather is warming up and the hot topic of conversation is what to wear… while babywearing! We caught up with the babywearing experts at Ergobaby to chat all things summer babywearing. Ergobaby shares expert advice on how to keep you and baby from overheating and how best to protect your baby from the sun. Here are their top tips for keeping cool and confident while wearing your baby in warm weather.

Dress for the weather

No matter the season, layers are key! Your baby carrier or baby wrap acts as one layer of clothing and you are another, so it’s important to keep both you and baby lightly dressed in loose clothes. The Great British summer is known for being unreliable, so it never hurts to have an extra layer or two in your change bag just in case! Fabrics made of natural fibres such as bamboo or cotton are the fastest drying and are breathable, so they’ll help keep your baby cool.

Don’t forget sunshades and a sunhat! If baby doesn’t like to wear their sunhat, wearing one with a wide brim yourself can help keep baby shaded too. All Ergobaby baby carriers (except for Aerloom and Embrace) come with an integrated sun hood (folded into an open or zippered pocket on the outside of the main carrier panel) that can be attached to one side or both sides on the shoulder straps. This is a particularly great tool for keeping sleepy babies covered on the go.


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Protect baby

Our number one priority is always keeping little ones safe! As mentioned above, dressing baby covered in loose, breathable clothes is the best way to do this but sometimes it’s not practical or possible to have all skin covered. In those instances, on especially hot days, a light top for you, with your baby in a nappy can be appropriate but please do take other steps to keep baby protected. For example, if baby is old enough then use an appropriate sunscreen on any exposed areas (ideally at least SPF30) and keep to the shade as much as possible (particularly between 11 am and 3 pm). If you’re really caught out then draping a muslin over exposed arms and legs can help shield them from the sun, but sun cream should still be used as it is possible to burn through thin fabric.

Keep hydrated (and don’t forget about yourself!)

It’s important that both you and baby are drinking plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration. If you breastfeed, breastmilk will keep your baby hydrated. You may find that baby wants to nurse more often. Bottle-fed babies can be given cooled boiled water throughout the day alongside their usual feeds. Older babies can have their usual drink, just be prepared that they will likely want and need more than usual. Make sure you are looking after yourself too, by taking a (reusable if possible!) bottle of water to keep up with the extra demands on your body.

Switch it up!

When it’s hot outside, wearing baby on your chest can feel like wearing a hot water bottle, so you might find that a different carry position is more comfortable for you both. If baby is old enough, developmentally ready (can sit unaided) and your baby carrier supports it, try a hip or back carry. If baby is outwards facing (from around five months once baby has strong head and neck control) make sure to keep an extra close eye on them, the heat can make them sleepier than usual and it’s never safe to let baby sleep while facing outwards.

Pick the right carrier

Ergobaby has a whole range of baby carriers available in different mesh fabrics that are proven to keep parent and baby cool.

Their most breathable carrier is the new Omni Breeze:

Maximum airflow meets maximum comfort with the Omni Breeze baby carrier. Designed to be the most breathable carrier on the market, Lightweight SoftFlex™ Mesh provides superior airflow, so both parent and baby stay cool and dry all day, while padded shoulder straps and lumbar support ensure maximum comfort.

Breathable baby carriers for summer

Over 90% of Omni Breeze baby carrier is made from SoftFlex™ Mesh which allows quick and easy airflow, offering both baby and wearer maximum breathability whilst maintaining a low profile, streamlined look, and a soft, comfortable feel.

Like all carriers in the Omni range, the Omni Breeze baby carrier is suitable from birth to toddlerhood (7lbs-45lbs / 3.2kg-20kg) and offers all four carry positions ergonomically: front inward facing, front-outward facing, hip carry and back carry, making it the only carrier parents will ever need.

Or why not try their award-winning Aerloom carrier:

Aerloom’s innovation is in how it’s made. Each carrier is artfully crafted from premium Formaknit Fabric, a lightweight yet durable, machine-knit fabric, made by knitting strands of yarn seamlessly into unique patterns. A true feat of engineering, Aerloom delivers unparalleled stretch, support, and breathability, allowing parents to keep baby close without extra bulk.

Ergobaby Omni Breeze

Best lightweight baby carrier

It is also one of the lightest structured baby carriers on the market, weighing less than 1.5lbs (0.68kg) and is incredibly well ventilated. Seamlessly knit into the carrier’s back panel and shoulder straps, the ventilation keeps parent and baby cool when out and about or during exercise.

Formaknit is made with 87% post-consumer recycled polyester, the equivalent of about 26 water bottles (with cap) per carrier! Every Aerloom baby carrier is knitted to shape and trimmed to spec, meaning less waste in the manufacturing process, and it arrives with parents in eco-conscious packaging, helping it to boast a lighter carbon footprint.

Adjusting from newborn to toddler (7-35lbs / 3.2-15.9kg), Aerloom offers three ergonomic carry positions: front inward facing, front-outward facing and back carry.

For newborn snuggles nothing beats the Embrace carrier which has just launched in a new SoftAir Mesh fabric:

A faithful companion from the moment baby arrives, the Embrace baby carrier makes the transition from pregnancy to family life feel as gentle and safe as a tender embrace.

Ergobaby Aerloom

Parents can focus on bonding with their new arrival and giving them the safety and security that is so important during this early phase of development.

The new lightweight aerated Pin-Dot Knit with Soft Air Mesh on the shoulders and back panel. The unique Pin-Dot Knit cradles baby and maintains its shape – Soft Air Mesh and vented back panels offer targeted breathability where it matters to keep both baby and wearer cool and comfortable. The spreadable shoulder strap option keeps the soft and stretchy fabric taught around baby’s neck for a snug fit, while the padded head and neck support cradles the newborn’s head.

Suitable for babies from 3.2kg to 11.3kg (7lbs – 25lbs), the carrier offers two ergonomic carry positions front inward-facing and front outward-facing (once baby is developmentally ready).

Other models such as the Adapt, All Position 360 and Omni 360 carriers are also all available in mesh fabric options.


Ergobaby Embrace


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