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What Makes A Jellycat Special? From Loveables To Luxe There’s Something For Everyone

What’s so special about Jellycat? Well, they’ve been busy making the cutest super-soft plush toys for a quarter of a century now. Loved all over the world, their unmistakable characters have gained the affection of millions.

What makes a Jellycat special?

What sets Jellycat apart is not just the quality of their plush toys but also the joy they bring. Each Jellycat creation carries with it a sense of sentiment and fun, becoming cherished companions for years to come.

From Loveables, Amuseables, Bag Charms and their new baby collection, Jellycat offers something for everyone. But the magic doesn’t stop there. Discover their Luxe, Personalised and 25th Anniversary ranges, as well as a plethora of seasonal offerings, making gifting a dream. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, wedding, or baby shower or simply treating yourself to a cuddly companion, Jellycat has the perfect present for every occasion.

Bartholomew Bear & Friends

Meet Bartholomew Bear, one of Jellycat’s most beloved characters. With his ultra-soft, chocolate-brown fur and endearing face, Bartholomew is the epitome of a cuddly companion. Perfectly sized for snuggling, he offers comfort and warmth to children and adults alike.

Tawny-tousled and full of softness, Bartholomew’s classic, timeless design makes him a cherished addition to any toy collection. His huggable softness ensures he quickly becomes a favourite friend.

Bartholomew Bear is the perfect bedtime buddy. Read him a story, sing him a teddy bear lullaby, or maybe just rest on his fluffy fudge tummy – he’s adorably podgy!

Bartholomew Bear is also available as a bag charm, musical pull, ring rattle and much more!


Bashful Bunnies

We know you’ll have already met a Jellycat Bashful Bunny (and if you haven’t, where on earth have you been?). These guys are possibly the most iconic Jellycat to date, and they come in a rainbow of colours, big and small – all with one thing in common: they’re irresistibly cute and make the perfect gifts for girls and boys to treasure.

In fact, the iconic Jellycat Bashful Bunnies are ideal gifts for newborns up – these guys have mass cuteness appeal. You can’t go wrong with the traditional Bashful Beige Bunny, with its scrummy-soft fur and long flopsy ears. One cuddle and you’ll never want to let go.

More Classic Loveables

The enchanting world of Jellycat Loveables extends way beyond the brand’s popular Bashful Bunnies, with a growing gang of plush toys filled with charm and personality. From newest friends to classic favourites, Loveables are the perfect cute, cuddly friend, in a size to suit.

Choose from fluffy bunnies, cuddly unicorns and playful pups. There’s a Jellycat just waiting to steal your heart. We love the Fuddlewuddles, made with a Fuddle-tastic deep pile of soft plush fur that’s not just cuddly but utterly delightful to touch, snuggle, and squeeze.

Baby Collection

Jellycat’s Baby Collection is the ultimate go-to for baby showers, new arrivals and first birthdays. The Luxe Bunny Blankies and Soothers are presented in beautiful gift boxes for a truly special present.

The collection features a delightful range of ultra-soft plush toys, soothing comforters, and cosy blankets. Crafted from the highest quality materials, these items are safely soft and gentle on delicate skin. Whether it’s lovable animals or whimsical characters, Jellycat’s Baby and Nursery Collection brings a touch of magic to any nursery.

Jellycat Dragons

See that flash of lilac high in the sky? Lavender Dragon’s about! Gliding to earth, this long, lopsy dragon makes such a fabulous entrance. With sparkly ears, wings, soft spines and tail dart, and cloudy-soft fur in bold berry purple, this magical friend is a gorgeous guardian.

Fabulous flapper Rose Dragon is just so sleepy after zooming through the sky! This lollabaout legend has milkshake-pink fur and sparkling rose-gold wings, ears and spines! With chunky paws, a curvy tail and a very fine squishable snoot, this mythical matey will land in your heart.

Just learning to control his wings, this fire-breathing cutie is a novice in the sky and much prefers having snuggles on the ground. Minty marvellous with ruffly fluff and petite suedey wings. Fuddlewuddle Dragon can’t wait to soar through the clouds when he grows up. But first, let’s get the hang of using these wings.


Dive into the imaginative and whimsical world of Amuseables, a super-cute collection of everyday objects brought to life with a signature dose of Jellycat joy! Whether a fruit or vegetable, condiment or charm, Amuseables can always be found with a cheeky smile on their face.

These plush delights come in a quirky array of shapes and characters, from smiling fruits and veggies to cheerful household items like pot plants and teapots. Each Amuseable has its own adorable personality, with playful expressions and cuddly textures that make them impossible to resist.

Amuseables: Bag Charms

These adorable miniatures will bring any bag or backpack to life! Amuseables Bag Charms may be small in size, but they make a big statement.

Whether it’s a cuddly animal, a cheeky piece of fruit, or a fun sports-themed charm, each piece is designed with Jellycat’s signature softness and attention to detail. Perfect for kids and adults alike, Amuseables Bag Charms make a fun and stylish statement wherever you go.

New to Jellycat

The magical world of Jellycat is always buzzing with new and exciting releases. Throughout the year, you’ll get to meet new additions, each one cuter than the next, including special seasonal items for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter.

Personalised Jellycat

For the ultimate keepsake gift, check out Jellycat’s range of personalisation options to make your cuddly companion even more special. From embroidered Dragons and Bashful Bunnies to a variety of cuddly plush pals in personalised jumpers available in an array of fetching colours, there’s something for everyone. Whether it’s for a birthday or a new baby, adding that extra touch makes for a truly memorable gift.


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