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Exploring Wonder & Ink’s Elite Concierge Membership For Children

Wonder & Ink is a concierge-style membership, offering expertise and recommendations – the best of the best – for your child. Your key to the unsearchable.

The Best for Your Child

Want to know the best online creative writing classes? Or which music or science camp is going to be best for your child? Dance classes taught by a Royal Academy teacher? The latest 7+ resources? The best first Shakespeare production? A first taste of a live orchestra accompanying a screening of one of their favourite films? The best book recommendations, and tips on how to get them reading? Whatever you need – look no further!

Concierge-Style Membership for Children

Wonder & Ink members receive biweekly a beautifully presented, thoughtfully curated article email of seven top recommendations for your child. These recommendations are carefully chosen by Wonder & Ink’s head education experts.

One edition might contain: Early Booking for the Summer Production of ‘The Secret Garden’; Y2-Y3 Bright Light Creative Writing Classes; Katherine Sharkey, Ed Psych; Upcoming Ocean Anatomy & Activity Book.

Another: Expressionists at the Tate Modern; Yellowbird Handwriting Classes; Mel Science Subscription Kit; Audiobook of ‘Nevermoor’ Fantasy Adventure; Private Art Masterclass at the National Gallery with an Artist.

Experiences: from Gingerbread Workshop to Science Museum Treasure Hunt

Members have access to Wonder & Ink’s exclusive one-to-one Experiences: half-day workshops at your home, or fun learning in a museum, immersive exhibition, studio or the like. From Sculpture & Ceramics to a Singing Masterclass, Creative Writing in Nature, Coding & Robotics, Electrical Engineering, Painting on Canvas, Interview-Day Games Workshop, Sketching at the British Museum… You and your child can design your own with the help of a Wonder & Ink expert, or personalise a pre-designed one from Wonder & Ink’s brochure of Experience ideas.

Experts: Teachers, Artists, Musicians, Scientists, Dancers, Coaches…

Membership gives you access to Wonder & Ink’s black book of experts for private lessons: from the Founder of a Children’s Art History School to one of the UK’s Top Bakers, Head of Science at a Leading Prep, Music Producer & Choir Master, Creative Writing Super Tutor, Classical & Jazz Pianist, Former International Swimmer. These experts teach from building blocks up, so whatever your child’s current level, they can learn the best from the best.

Design a Programme of Learning

As part of your membership, Wonder & Ink’s head experts are on hand to help you design a programme of Experiences and tuition to best compliment your child’s education; or you can pick and choose with your child to discover what captivates them most and draws them on to their own unique path…

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