The 20th of May is World Bee Day. We have pulled together some fantastic products to celebrate the importance of bees. From cool t-shirts and toys to bee hotels and a revival kit, if you are a fan of these cute little insects there is bound to be something here you’ll love!

3 important tips for helping bees

  • The first very important tip for helping bees is to plant more evergreen flowers in your garden. Lavender, alliums, buddleja, and catmint, for example, are all purple. That helps bees because they reportedly see purple more clearly than any other colour. Tubular-shaped flowers like foxgloves, snapdragons, and honeysuckle are also good for long-tongued bees like the garden bumblebee.

NB: It’s important to provide flowers throughout the year. You can find more information about flowers that are great sustenance for bees for every season here.

  • Build a bee hotel. A bee hotel provides accommodation, refreshment, and even breakfast for your local bees. The simplest way, according to Friends of the Earth, is to stuff an old plastic bottle with twigs and stems.
  • Choose organic fruit and veg. Organic produce helps keep bees safe from pesticides and other chemicals. The EU backing the near-total ban on neonicotinoids was an amazing victory for environmentalists — but buying organic also helps farmers reduce their overall use of pesticides.

Save the Bees Kit, Friends Of The Earth

Donsje Leather Baby Sandals, Childrensalon

Bee Revival Kit, Amazon

Save the Bees, Amazon

Bee Bag, Daylesford

Powell Craft Yellow Bee Hat, Childrensalon

Bee Friendly Kids T-Shirt, Bumblebee Conservation Trust

Beehive Gift Box, Nectar and Bumble

Bee Brick, Nectar and Bumble

Honey T-Bar Pre-Walkers, Start-Rite

Gucci Velcro Trainers, AlexandAlexa

Hanging Log Effect Garden Bee Nester

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