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Empowering Little Ones: The NehNehBaby KidsTraining Watch

NehNehBaby has launched the animated KidsTraining Watch, which is specially designed for children.

Catering to the developmental needs of kids aged 2 to 8 years old, this training watch goes beyond the ordinary perception of a simple timekeeping device. It delves deep into every aspect of a child’s life, offering a comprehensive approach to learning and growth.

Let’s take a closer look.

KidsTraining Watch

Different from other training watches on the market, NehNehBaby KidsTraining Watch is the world’s first animated training watch, featuring a wider range of life routine reminder modes. It’s tailored with a larger screen and a hypoallergenic silicone strap for children, ensuring safety and durability.

Explore Childhood, Empower Children

Children encounter a multitude of distractions and responsibilities which present them with distinct challenges. Finding a way to navigate through these demands can be daunting without the support of something like a training watch. With the introduction of this groundbreaking device, your child has the opportunity to become more independent, hone time management skills, and foster essential life habits.

According to the research findings in ‘The Concept of Time in the Perception of Children and Adolescents‘ by Fernando Michel et al., published in 2012, it is understood that children under the age of 8 have not yet fully developed a mature understanding of the concept of time. This study reveals the unique aspects of young children’s perception of time, providing valuable insights into cognitive development in early childhood.

The critical period for habit formation is before the age of 9. A study conducted by Brown University found that habits in children take root by age 9.

Benefits For Parents

The watch’s reminder function helps children remember and carry out daily tasks by themselves, reducing the burden of constant parental supervision.

If you’re anything like me with a hectic schedule and an array of responsibilities. Balancing household chores and instilling positive habits in my children poses a daily struggle. Thankfully, a training watch like this emerges as a practical tool, offering parents a streamlined approach to family management.

By alleviating the necessity for persistent reminders from parents, the KidsTraining Watch cultivates a serene and contented atmosphere within the home. With its reminder functions in place, parents can uphold composure while nurturing a harmonious and joyful environment for the entire family.

Keep Track of Essential Tasks

Say goodbye to constant reminders! This watch takes care of the prompting, lightening your load with alarm features for things like potty breaks and hydration reminders.

Potty training

Potty training is often a struggle for parents, having to ask children every few minutes to ensure fewer accidents. Even when a child knows how to do all the things they need to do at potty time, they often forget to go or insist they don’t need to because they see no value in it, especially when they are engrossed in playing or watching TV.

The KidsTraining Watch takes that burden away from parents as it gives multiple reminders throughout the day to ensure they visit the potty at regular intervals. It also features engaging animations that spark children’s interest and aid in developmental milestones.

Hydration reminders

With the hydration reminders, you have the option to personalise them for specific family routines, promoting independence and healthy habits from a young age.

The timer feature

The timer feature helps to keep tasks on track, whether it’s setting a timer for brushing teeth or reading a book. This eliminates the need for constant reminders and helps foster independence. The custom modes adapt to daily routines, making every moment teachable and every routine so much smoother.

You can choose between vibration, music, or both for alerts, ensuring discretion in quieter settings like preschool.

Breath synchronisation tool

Additionally, this watch includes a breath synchronisation tool, guiding children through peaceful breathing exercises with charming animations, promoting mindfulness and relaxation. Great for bedtime.

And don’t forget, it’s a watch… instilling a sense of time in your child from an early age.

The Advantages of the NehNehBaby KidsTraining Watch

Other watches might offer only vibration or sound, the NehNehBaby KidsTraining Watch allows for both settings together or individually.

You can also adjust the brightness, volume, and screen timeout settings for all-day wear. These adjustments ensure that the watch remains unobtrusive, serving solely as a delightful and indispensable accessory that your child won’t want to part with.

Reminder Modes:

You can choose between vibration, ringtone, or a combination of both, tailoring the reminder mode to suit your needs and your child’s usage patterns.

Animated Features:

The watch boasts playful animations for reminders related to activities such as using the potty and staying hydrated, starring beloved characters like bears, puppies, and kittens. With customisable alarms and timer settings, you can select from a range of two animations per activity to make daily routines fun and engaging for your child.

Day and Night Themes:

There are three distinctive themes for day and night. Each theme is meticulously crafted to align with the natural rhythm of your child’s day.

KidsTraining Watch

You’ll enjoy a 25% Early Bird discount, reducing the final price to $29.99 from the regular $39.99.

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