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A Parent’s Guide to Summer Sleeping for Babies

If last year’s scorching summer is anything to go by, parents will be looking for clever tips to help cool down their babies at night this summer. Here, the design-led baby furniture company Mokee provides their top tips to ensure that babies get a good night’s sleep during the summer months.

Keeping baby cool

Keeping baby cool will help baby sleep, so investing in the right mattress is a must. Mokee provide two types of mattresses to go with the Mini Cot:

The Natural Mattress (£99.95) is made from chemical-free materials and has a two-sided wool layer to ensure a healthy night’s sleep. With a coco-latex core layer made from organically-sourced coconut husk fibres, this resilient mattress is designed to support baby all through the night.

A cooling cotton layer helps to regulate body temperature, while hypoallergenic wool padding makes this mattress ideal for babies who suffer with allergies. It is 100% renewable, biodegradable and recyclable.

Monitor room temperature

Monitor your baby’s room temperature with a thermometer. The ideal sleeping temperature for babies is between 20-22.2 degrees. Babies between one month and one year are at risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) if they overheat, so it is better if baby is kept cooler, rather than hotter.

Don’t overdress your baby

Don’t overdress your baby at night in the summer. A simple lightweight short sleeved baby grow is sufficient. Keep blankets and toys out of the cot as well.

Free-flowing air

Free-flowing air where a baby sleeps will help keep them cool and a fan will help with air circulation. Be careful not to put the fan in reach of baby or toddler, so clipping a fan to a cot is not advisable. Babies will not catch a cold from being cool, colds are caused by viruses

Keep baby hydrated

It is your instinct to give a baby water when it feels hot, but babies under six months should never be given water. Keep baby hydrated with breast milk or formula.

Keep curtains and blinds closed

Keep curtains and blinds closed during the day and windows open to keep the room temperature down and to create a good air flow.


Ahead of bedtime, make baby’s usual bath a little cooler than usual, not cold though. This will help keep baby from overheating

Check on baby regularly

And finally, check on your baby regularly. If they are crying more than usual, being fussy or have a heat rash, this is often a sign that they are too hot. Check, by placing your hand behind their neck, if it feels warm or damp, they are too hot, so look to get their temperature down.

Mokee offers FREE delivery on orders over £49 as well as a free 90 days return policy and 365 days full guarantee. Shipping times have now reduced to between 1-3 weeks.

Visit to view the full range and join the conversation on Facebook at Mokee Folks for more tips.


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