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10 Things You Need To Know About Rose And Rosie

Hi! We’re Rose and Rosie, and we’re married to each other and going to have a baby! Lots of people know us from our weekly YouTube videos on our channel Rose and Rosie, or our Spotify podcast; Rose and Rosie Parental Guidance! But for those of you who may not know us, read on to find out 10 Things You Need To Know About Us!

1 – As you’ve probably already noticed, we pretty much have the same name! I’m Roseanne (known as Rosie) and Rose is Rose – and now we are married we both have the exact same initials – RED!

Our names aren’t the only thing we have in common. We are both Geminis, and we work together full time doing the exact same job! People often ask us how we manage to get on so well, but 99% of the time we both agree on everything. We like the same films, music, books, and have the same spiritual beliefs. People ask if it gets confusing, but not for us! I love having my partner be my best friend and soul mate as well!

2 – Fate brought Rose and me together. Rose saw a photo of me when I was 17 and she was 19 – and she knew instantly that she wanted to be with me! We ended up being each other’s rebounds a few years later and thank GOD that worked out! Now we’ve been together nearly 10 years, married for 6. And I can’t wait for all the years to come with our baby!

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3 – Although we initially decided that Rose should try for a baby first because she’s slightly older, we ended up gambling and leaving it up to fate! If you’re going to play roulette, go hard or go home, am I right? We worked out that our fertility cycles lined up perfectly for us to try for a baby every two weeks! I like those odds – double the ovaries, double the chances!

Choosing a sperm donor

4 – It took us an entire year to choose our sperm donor! Which is crazy coming from two of the most decisive women you’ll ever meet. We like to make decisions FAST. When we got married, we only looked around one venue and tried on three wedding dresses each before ticking it off our lists. Choosing the missing DNA for our future child? – turns out it’s not so easy! We got there in the end – after a LOT of overthinking – and we couldn’t be happier. Sometimes the good things in life come to those who wait.

5 – We don’t believe in gender stereotypes. Blue for a boy, pink for a girl? Says who? Gender is a social construct, and we’ll be raising our baby to play with whatever toy they want, and to wear whatever colours they want.

6 – We love a good celebrity baby name. Justice Stocking Hippopotamus? Amazing. Apple Bear Forest? Iconic. Name your baby what you want, we won’t judge! The world needs more sparkle and fun!

Pregnancy and food intolerances

7 – Pregnancy made my food intolerances disappear – and I am having the BEST time! I have IBS and I’m usually intolerant to many, MANY foods. Dairy? Tastes amazing but makes me itchy. Gluten – it’s in everything, but it makes me blow up like a balloon. Onion? Garlic? Everything fun? WELL NOT ANYMORE. I’ve been going to town on all my favourite foods and let me tell you, if my intolerances come back after I give birth, I may have to get pregnant again right away!

8 – We’re planning on a home birth – and a huge reason why is because I hate packing! I get really bad anxiety thinking I may have forgotten something, and I have been known to have a pre-holiday break-down over my suitcase. Of course, I’ll still pack a hospital bag and we know that it might not all go to plan and I may end up in hospital in the end anyway. But the idea of being at home, warm and safe, with alllllllll of my things makes me feel super happy! And for Rose, a happy wife = a happy life!

Dressing up for the birth

9 – I’m going to dress up for the birth – and Rose totally gets it! Rose has a fear of flying, and seeing as she can’t control the plane, she decides to control what she can – which is her clothes! She makes sure she has clean trainers and some nice, fresh clothes before every flight, or event that makes her nervous. It’s just her calming ritual to make her feel better. Now I’m stealing her idea, and I’m going to do everything physically possible to make myself feel good during what will be a most likely sweaty, messy, and very unglamorous few hours! I’ve bought a silky dressing gown and a nice lacy bralette to wear for the event, and now I just have to figure out how to do my hair! If you have any suggestions, hit me up!


10 – We’ll love our baby no matter what. Growing up LGBTQ+, we know what it’s like to feel different or to be afraid to share something about yourself with someone else. Our joint goal is for our child to grow up feeling as loved and secure as possible – no matter who they are! But obviously, we hope they will turn out to be a kind person. I guess the fun of parenthood is that we will just have to wait and see who they become!

Follow Rose & Rosie’s parenting journey on their podcast Parental Guidance via Spotify.


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